How to Get Your Porch Ready for Spring

As rising temperatures and longer days draw us out from within our homes, your spring fever might quickly dissipate if the outside of your home is less than inviting. Now is the time to take action and get your front porch ready for lingering over morning cups of coffee or enjoying twilight drinks with friends. Here are a few simple suggestions from Simplify to help gussy things up without breaking the bank.


Paint a concrete floor. 

If you have a concrete porch, it may be looking worse for the wear thanks to harsh winter weather or years of neglect. Luckily, a gallon or two of paint will provide a quick transformation. Be sure to thoroughly clean the porch first and fill in any holes or cracks with plaster, then brush on at least two coats of paint. If you're feeling creative, you can tape off a pattern and apply a contrasting or complementary color for a striped or diamond effect. Or try using a stencil design as a border or to highlight key areas.


Tile over brick. 

While brick can be very attractive for a porch or stoop, it can give your home a dated feel if you've lived with it for some time. This can be transformed during a weekend DIY project by covering the brick with a more modern tile. You can go for a subway-tile shape, squares or a variety of sizes. Talk to your local home-improvement expert to find out which varieties are best suited for the climate in your area.


Build wooden planters. 

These can either be purchased inexpensively and custom painted to your desire, or built from scratch with some durable plywood. Be sure to add drainage holes and a liner if you plan on filling them with soil and plants, or simply use them to house plants that are already potted to save on wear and tear. Custom planters will help personalize your porch and tie in key design elements, such as the color of your front door or shutters, or decorative moldings on your home's facade.


Paint your railings. 

Nothing refreshes your porch more than painting the railings. Choose a crisp shade of white or have fun with a contrasting color. You can also go for a natural look by sanding and painting the railings. Whichever option you choose, be sure the coating you use is made for withstanding weather and chipping.

Of course, no front porch isn't complete without the right seating options, so whether you're opting for rocking chairs, a swing or a cozy settee, make sure they're cleaned and outfitted with comfy cushions and throw blankets. Add some twinkly lights and you're ready to spend long days and evenings relaxing on your porch.


Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2024. All rights reserved.

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